Our MTB Race

WHEN: Oct. 11-12

WHERE: Arcata, Calif.

EVENTS: XC, STXC, Super D and DH

FLYER: HSU Mountain Bike Race Fall 2014

MAPS: Arcata Community Forest Trail Map and Sunny Brae Forest

HSU Cycling will host a mountain bike race weekend Oct. 11-12, 2014. We plan to hold four events during the two-day weekend.  As always, we promise to put on a well-organized and fun race.

The cross country race will be held in the Arcata Community Forest right behind the HSU campus. The short track, super D, and downhill will be in the Sunny Brae Forest, about a 15-minute bike ride southeast from campus. All of the races will feature mountain bike specific trails, and some of the trails are new.

If you have questions, email the club president at marina.marcroft at humboldt.edu.



6 Responses to Our MTB Race

  1. Angela Yap says:

    I would like to attend Oct 11-12, flying in from Ontario, California. Can you at least advise me which airport to fly into, and what hotels to stay at?

    • hsucycling says:

      Fly into the Arcata/Eureka Airport (ACV). If you contact us, we can have someone pick you up because it’s only a ten minute drive to campus from the airport. We are providing free housing for our guests at our own residences. If you’d prefer to stay at a hotel, there are a few on Guintoli Ave., but contact us first and we’ll try to talk you into free housing. Call our club president Marina at (408) 307-5884 or email her at marina.marcroft at humboldt.edu. Glad you’re coming up for our race!

  2. Jimmy says:

    Which day will the XC race be?

  3. ray williams says:

    Hi I was looking for some information on this race as I would like to participate.

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