About the Team

Welcome to the official Humboldt State University Cycling blog. The goal of this site is to keep members and fans updated on the club and to archive our history.

We ride the rough roads of Humboldt County in the spring and the muddy trails of the Arcata Community Forest in the fall. We compete in the Western Collegiate Cycling Conference against schools such as UC Berkeley, UC Davis, Chico State, Cal Poly, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, Stanford and University of Nevada, Reno, among others. We proudly represent our school and sponsors while providing a club for seasoned racers and novice riders.

We are multiple-time regional conference champions. We hold two national championship titles in mountain biking, winning the Collegiate National Championships in downhill and cross country. Our team is always growing, and you’re welcome to join no matter what level you ride.

We aim to be good stewards of the sport. We volunteered many hours building multi-use trails and raised money for the City of Arcata’s Trail Ridge Project.

We host our own mountain bike and road races on and near campus, which attracts cyclists from all over the region to our community. Come race, watch and support the HSU Cycling Team!

Here is Dustin Yue, an alumus, who explains what the club means to him. (Click on photo to listen.)

You can also find us on Facebook.

Club Highlights

  • Div. II Western Collegiate Cycling Conference Mountain Bike Champions, 2013 (and first time overall first ranked team in conference in both Div. I and II)
  • Div. II Western Collegiate Cycling Conference Road Champions, 2013
  • Div. II Western Collegiate Cycling Conference Road Champions, 2012
  • Div. II WCCC Road Omnium Champion, Luke Ramseth, 2o12
  • Div. II WCCC Mountain Bike Champions, 2011
  • Collegiate National Mountain Bike XC Champion, Matt Schiff, 2011
  • Third place team,  Div. II  Collegiate National Mountain Bike Championships, 2011
  • Fifth place, National Collegiate Cycling Championship Criterium, Traci Kroll, 2011
  • Div. II WCCC Road Champions, 2011
  • Collegiate National Mountain Bike DH Champion, Justin Graves, 2010
  • Div. II WCCC Mountain Bike Champions, 2010
  • Div. II WCCC Road Champions, 2010
  • Div. II WCCC Mountain Bike Champions, 2009
  • Div. II WCCC Road Champions, 2009

A few HSU WCCC Championship Trophies

spring 2014

Above, spring 2014 with a mix of fall 2013: (back row) Coach Vicky Sama, Dylan Wright, Jeremy Hunter, Gavin Merczak-Dinolfo, Derek Roelle, Justin Gore, Cole Humphrey, Marina Marcroft, Gilbert Marquez; (front row) Justin Graves, Ali Osgood, Tyler Green, Dustin Yue, Steven Pearl, Max Morales, Alvin Garlejo and Moose. In the center is the Western Collegiate Cycling Conference trophy HSU won at conference championships in fall 2013. (Photo by Vicky Sama.)

HSU Cycling fall 2013

Above, fall 2013 (back row): Joey Wright, Dylan Wright, Justin Lowe, Caryn DeFrees, Steven Pearl, Alvin Garlejo; (standing): Justin Graves, Marina Marcroft, Ali Osgood, Cole Humphrey, Clayton Kelley, Derek Roelle, Sara Schneider, Justin Gore, Reese Wilson, Harry Ward, Tyler Green, Allen Ng; (kneeling): Clara Nilsen, Moose, Dylan Fluet and Coach Vicky Sama. (Photo by Vicky Sama.)

HSU Cycling spring 2013Above, spring 2013 (front row): Coach Vicky Sama, Moose, Jessie Roughgarden, Justin Graves, Justin Gore, Clayton Kelley, Alvin Garlejo, Ali Osgood; (back row): Steven Pearl, Marina Marcroft, Ashley Hansen, Dylan Wright, Elena Dolitsky, Gilbert Marquez, Michael Nystrom, Sara Schneider, Zachary Thompson, Cole Humphrey, Allen Ng and Skye Salganek. (Photo by Vicky Sama.)

© Joe Zaizar 2012

Above, spring 2012 (left to right standing): Steven Pearl, Daniel Draskins, Erik Tensen, Luke Ramseth, Hayley Umayam, __, Cole Humphrey, Nancy Vargas, Nate Abel, Kristoffer Dean, Alex Deich, Aaron Parker, Marina Marcroft, Ben Barry, Gianpaul Ferioli, Jessica Roughgarden, Chris Merkle, Kaydee Raths; (kneeling): Ryan Spaulding, Justin Graves, Jack Thorpe, Coach Vicky Sama, Alvin Garlejo, Traci Kroll, Stephen Allen, Joe Zaizar and Moose. (Photo by Joe Zaizar.)

team_fall2011Above, fall 2011 (front row): Justin Graves, Coach Vicky Sama, Dylan Wright, Matt Schiff, Nate Abel, Sina Soleimany, Jake Hinlicky, Hallie Heath, Leandra Lopez, Kaydee Raths, Ashley Hansen, Steven Pearl; (middle row): Andrew Spickerman, Rowan, Erik Tensen, Amir Mendel, Sam O’Dell, Sean Summa, Marina Marcoft; (back row): Louis Pistashe, ___, ___, Cole Humphrey, Ryan Spaulding, Kristoffer Dean, Alex Deitch, Andrew McAfee; (sitting): good dogs Moose and Oliver. (Photo by Justin Graves.)

HSU Cycling spring 2011Above, spring 2011 (front row): Moose, Kevin Pabinquit, Andrew McAfee, Alex Deich, Michael Malocha, Sean Summa, Kevin Cage; (middle row): Ashley Hansen, Evan Gibbs, Coach Vicky Sama, Justin Graves, Kyle Callihan, Nate Abel, Hallie Heath, Kira Descheaux, Kaydee Raths, Jamie Lira, Stephen Allen, Timothy Michael, Erica Mittemeier, Ryan Spaulding Traci Kroll; (back row): Josh Schultz, Erik Tensen, Kristoffer Dean, Ben Barry, Gianpaul Ferioli, Aaron Parker, Dylan Wright and Joseph Lamb. (Photo by Kevin Pabinquit.)

DSC_0122Above, spring 2010 (left to right): Stephen Allen, Oscar, Justin Graves, Kevin Cage, Adam Holt, Jorge Ramirez, Sean Summa, Nate Abel, Miguel Henderson, Dave Garcia, ___, Leandra Lopez, Evan Gibbs, Kira Rose Deschaux, Kaydee Raths, Luke Ramseth, Coach Vicky Sama, Moose, Mario and Mario’s dog.


Above, winter 2010 (left to right): Stephen Allen, Nate Abel, Hayley Umayam, Kaydee Raths, Adam Holt, Luke Ramseth (kneeling), Evan Gibbs, Oscar, James Williams, Matt Drange, Justin Graves and Coach Vicky Sama. (Photo by Vicky Sama.)

HSU Cycling fall 2009Above, fall 2009, (kneeling): Steven, Benjamin Conant, Winston Sauber, Justin Yue; (2nd row): ___, ___, ___, Todd Jones, ___, Sean Summa, Andrew Spickerman, Lucas Siegfried; (3rd row): Narayan D’Angelo, Carl Hasellein, Devin Trainer, Mario, Matt Schiff, Billy Dixon, Kaitlyn Shipe, Connor Pilorawski; (back row): Andi Toogood, James Williams, Luke Ramseth, ___, Alyssum Cohen, __, ___, Dave Garcia and Jorge Ramirez.

11 Responses to About the Team

  1. Ian Pierce says:


    My name is Ian and I’m considering joining/ applying to be on your road cycling team next year when I’m a freshman there.

    Is there a good place to put your bikes on campus? Apparently we are not allowed to bring them into the rooms which, imo, sucks…

    • hsucycling says:

      Great, we’d love to have you on the team.

      I don’t think anyone will stop you from storing it in your room (if you can find the space). I stored both my nice bikes in the dorm room last year. Some buildings have bike storage rooms, too.


    • Mathew Crowell says:

      Hi, My name is Mathew Crowell and I am interested in joining the HSU mountain biking team once the fall term starts. I’m looking forward to it!

  2. Kyle Ireton says:

    Since the MTB schedule has been posted is there a hotel/place that the school or team recommends that is close to the race course for the race at the beginning of October?

    CSUSM Cycling Team

  3. Joe Murray says:

    So what are the all the different types of races that Humboldt competes in? Any Cyclecross, Track, Downhill?


  4. Susie says:

    I am a HSU Almuni ’02 and was hoping you could give me more information on where I could get one of those sweet HSU cycling jerseys. Does a shop in town have them anywhere for sale?


    • hsucycling says:

      The local shops carry our cycling kits (jerseys, bibs and shorts). Check Adventure’s Edge (both in Arcata and Eureka) and Revolution. Or, you can order one from us on Facebook.

  5. Steve Britton says:

    Just heard about the team. Wish you could have been around when I was there (80-82) but we had some great times racing our Kinetic Sculpture! How do I become a sponsor? Have a great season!

  6. Just heard about this club and I am very interested! I wanted to know if there is an application to fill out or just show up on the club rides? Also is there like a cut off as to how skilled you have to be to be actually racing for the team or is it for whoever comes out?

    • hsucycling says:

      Anyone who is a full-time HSU student is welcome to join the club. You can show up to our meetings on Thursdays at 5. We have a road ride at 10a.m. on Sunday meeting at the corner of LK Wood and Granite Ave. (corner by the freshmen dorms). Feel free to just show up for that. Our Thursday 5pm meetings are in KA 104.

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