HSU’s Golden Gravity Girl

By Vicky Sama

Ali Osgood has won a gold medal every week so far in the 2013 collegiate mountain bike season.

Ali OsgoodAli Osgood winning the downhill at Toro Park on Oct. 5. Photo by Sharon Osgood.

Over the past three weeks, Ali Osgood won the downhill and super D races at Fresno, won the downhill and got 2nd in the dual slalom at Reno, and won the Super D and downhill at Stanford. She’s been on top of the podium every weekend. No wonder why HSU’s new golden gal is always smiling.

Osgood is outfitted with a new bike, new full-face helmet and safety gear, and most awesomely, a really supportive mom who shows up to the races. Osgood has great enthusiasm for the sport. And if you tell her how to prepare for a race, she’ll only tell you she’s “derping.”

Osgood is preparing to attend the Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championships at Beech Mountain, North Carolina in three weeks. Look for her in the gravity events– downhill, dual slalom and team relay.


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