Get Fit!

Katrina SuarezKatrina Suarez gets a bike fit at Adventure’s Edge in Eureka.

When was the last time you got fit? Having the right size bike is extremely important, especially if you just bought a new one like Katrina Suarez pictured above.  Having perfect position means you’ll ride more efficiently. Without it, you could suffer from discomfort or injury. So when you buy a new bike (even if it’s used), make sure you have a trained fitter look at you it. Katrina did. And here’s what she found out:

  • Her saddle needed to be adjusted. The seat was too far forward and too low, so AE’s Jack Thorpe moved the saddle back and up.
  • Her hoods were too far back. Katrina was feeling some discomfort in her wrists, most likely because the hoods (the area where the hands rest on top of the shifters), were at an angle that was extreme. Rotating the handlebars slightly down corrected the problem.

After the fit, Katrina went on a few rides and said she feels much more comfortable on her new Specialized Amira. Certified bike fitters are available at Adventure’s Edge. If you buy a bike from them, they’ll do a simple fit. But if you plan to ride a lot and race, you should get a full Body Geometry fit from one of the store’s certified employees. And don’t forget to ask about your HSU team discount.


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