A Friday RIde

c. Vicky Sama 2013HSU Cycling’s powerful women’s squad, Ashley Hansen, Nancy Vargas, Coach Vicky Sama, Marina Marcroft and Skye Salgenek, stop for a quick tire change and picture during a beautiful Friday afternoon ride. Photo courtesy Vicky Sama.

Some days, the blue skies and sun beckon. Today was one of those days, so a few of the ladies in the HSU Cycling Club road toward Blue Lake for exploration and adventure. They turned onto streets they’d never been before and discovered new terrain. It was a great day on the bike.

Other women in the club include Jessie Roughgarden, Desda Sisson, Sarah Schneider, Katarina Suarez, Thalia Herrera, Elena Dolitsky and Caryn Defrees.


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Ride for HSU.
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2 Responses to A Friday RIde

  1. Hayley says:

    You ladies melt my heart! I love seeing so many women on the team! Finish the season out strong!

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