Race #7 – HSU Wins WCCC MTB Championships

By Sam O’Dell

The Western Collegiate Cycling Conference Mountain Bike Championships were hosted by San Diego State University this season. The championship was held during a serious rain storm, making for muddy and slippery courses. Sam O’Dell was the lone HSU rider who made it to the race. Here’s his report:

Day 2 of the San Diego Championship’s was tough. Those of you who went to the Le Grange Downhill, it was comparable in terms of weather and trail conditions, pretty miserable, just not as long of a descent. The downhill track was similar to the super D, with slightly more challenging descents, although on the whole pretty tame, and there were of course no climbs. The main difference other than that was an abundance of rocks not seen by the super d, there were awesome grippy rocks, loose rocks, big rocks, and sketchy pointy rocks waiting to eat your tire. The course was about four minutes long on average, the fastest time being 3:29 and change, and the slowest time was the unlucky person who posted an 8:00 min plus run. Overall it was pretty rad, although the weather was tough to deal with, it was 40 degrees, and most were happy in the end. Cal Poly ended up taking the D1 title, and I’m proud to announce I’ll be returning with the D2 Champs trophy. Go Humboldt!!! Also you’ll be proud to know that I took the W in both the men’s C super D and downhill. I know what some of you are thinking… sandbagger. Well you’ll just have to wait to say it to my face. Keep in mind, that I still have our trophy. Oh yeah, and a few pics to come! Well I hope your all having a rad Thanksgiving break.

Whoot whoot from San Diego,
Sam O’Dell”

Humboldt State represented at every Western Conference Collegiate event this season and goes home with the D2 Collegiate Mountain Biking Title. New precedents for the Lumberjacks this season! Stay tuned for more exciting cycling action with collegiate road racing starting February 2011.


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