Race #4 Stanford at Toro Park

By Justin Graves

This weekend 7 riders from the HSU Cycling Team attended the fourth race of the 2010 WCCC series in Salinas, Calif. The race was hosted by Stanford University and held at the well known Toro Park between Salinas and Monterey. Saturday morning was the XC race, which was a quick sub 30-minute lap consisting of a sustained fire road climb to the top and a ripping fast single track descent straight back down. The descent was very high speed cutting through open pasture lands, but the race was won or lost on the smooth steady climb which made up three fourths of the track.

In the A’s field Justin Graves rode to 7th place in the 5-lap race. Graves was close to 6th– the sixth place Cal Poly rider on the descent and the two riders came into the final straight side by side making for an exciting finish.

In his first B’s race Dylan Wright rode to 8th place, an exceptional finish in the 4-lap race. In Men’s C Andrew Spickerman claimed 6th place and Ryan Spaulding took 2nd. This was Spaulding’s first mountain bike race ever and completed the 3 lap race on his fully ridged cantilever equipped rock hopped to the delight of the crowd.

All riders competed in the Super D with Spaulding and Spickerman posting strong rides in C’s. The Super D was Sam O’Dell’s first MTB race and was on a hot run before getting stuck behind a rider who has stopped on course and refused to pull over. Dylan Wright had a clean ride in the B’s field.

In the Men’s A Super D, Jake Hinlicky posted a 5:09 to take 14th, Kevin Pabinquit threw down a 4:52 for 8th, and Justin Graves posted a 4:45 for 4th. The forecasted showers held off long enough for the Super D to complete, but the skies opened up shortly afterward. The Toro park rangers deemed Saturday night’s rainfall too great for the trails to be ridden and DH and STXC were canceled for Sunday. So to fill the void four of the team’s gravity riders road tripped through the night to Weaverville to compete in the DH at the La Grange Fall Classic. It had rained all night in Weaverville as well and the trail was incredibly muddy. Despite less than two hours of sleep Humboldt State again represented as Justin Graves claimed 2nd and Kevin Pabinquit took 3rd in the Pro field. Can’t stop the Jacks, now we prepare for our home race next weekend, The Race For The Ridge Trail.

Ride It Out.


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