Gettin’ the tan lines started

By Luke Ramseth

Riding and living in Humboldt, you can barely tell we’re cyclists. We rock knee warmers, arm warmers, and other assorted goofy cold weather gear cause it’s always so damn chilly. But go down south, and people are rockin’ the cyclist-farmer-tan lines. If you’ve ridden in the sun all day you know what I’m talkin’ bout.

This weekend, a few hardcore racers went to Stanford’s race. And it was 80 degrees, so we pasty Humboldt riders got our own taste of what a tan line looks like. We’ll look pretty tan back at school. Until we take our shirts or pants off, and then it’s whammo, pasty white blinding your eyes above the lines.

Ya anyway, successful weekend of racing for the squad. Kaydee snagged the team our first win of the season in the women’s B/C crit, and by two bike lengths at that. I’m postive Dynamic Dave Garcia would have smoked everyone in the Men’s C crit, but his foot popped out of the pedal (check out the photo below). We had Sam and Mike getting their first taste of racing, and they both did great.

It’s on to conference championships hosted by UCSC this weekend. So far, we’ve got 17 people signed up to race. Watch out for HSU.


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One Response to Gettin’ the tan lines started

  1. The tan is starting to fade! What about news from the WCCC?

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