UC Davis Race Report

By Luke Ramseth

Eight racers made the drive to Livermore late Friday night. For six of those, it was their first officially sanctioned road race EVER. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

But apparently when you have the training of Humboldt County and the experienced coaching of club adviser Vicky Sama, you don’t need much race experience. The results speak for themselves:

Road Race (Livermore)

Men’s C: Justin “Roadie” Graves, 7th–Justin is a pro downhiller, so we knew he had some bike handling skills. Now we know he’s got the fitness to race on the road. Graves is now a ROADIE.

Women’s C: Hayley “Mountain Goat” Umayam, 5th. Kaydee “The Diesel” Raths, 9th. First road race ever for both these girls, and they shredded the competition. We found a climber specialist in Hayley, and an incredibly strong diesel in Kaydee. Both found themselves climbing the brutal hill of the road race by themselves, but they kept plugging and picking off all those apparently ‘experienced’ girls from Davis and UCLA.

Men’s A: Luke, 9th. This race sent me deep into the pain cave early and often. It was my first A’s race, so I was happy with the result. And happy I found my climbing legs, even though they locked up in the sprint. Now I know what kind of effort it’s going to take to hang at the front.

Crit in downtown Davis

Men’s D: Evan “Crit Monster” Gibbs, 19th. Despite waking up at 6am (darn those early D starts!), Evan uncorked a powerful sprint out of the last corner, and smoked the remnants of his pack to the line.

Women’s C: Kaydee, 8th. After getting gapped from the field, Kaydee still rode all out from the gun to the line.

Men’s C: Justin, 11th. Graves used the MTB skills to rail the corners, and found himself in the front group of a shattered field, finishing with a nice kick.

Preview: Another big crew of us are taking off this weekend for University of Nevada, Reno. After that, we’ve got Stanford and UC Santa Cruz to finish up the season. Check back for some more results and photos.


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