The top 3…

By Luke Ramseth

Sorry for the lack of any news. It’s been a busy few months. A brief recap:

1. A DII Mountain bike championship. Enough said. Very well deserved, team.

2. A heartbreaking end of the year. Club member Eric Kilgore died on his way home for Thanksgiving break. He was truly one of the nicest guys on the team, and had an appetite for learning how to mountain bike well that we witnessed on every group ride. He was brand new to the sport, but loving every minute (and becoming quite fast I might add). I have no doubt we would’ve seen Eric giving it all on his road bike this spring.

The team had a memorial ride to end the semester in honor of Eric. On a rainy Saturday afternoon, nearly 20 of his teammates showed up for a final romp through the forest. We also set up “The Kilgore,” a short track loop for practicing our racing and tactics in the future. The loop is right behind Redwood Park. Check out some pictures from the ride over on the website.

3. Our fearless leader for the past few semesters, Coach Winston Sauber, has moved on to do an internship at Carmichael Training Systems in Colorado after three semesters. I’m sure he’ll be Lance’s personal trainer by the start of the Tour.


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One Response to The top 3…

  1. Gravy says:

    Stoked to get some fitness with the logger crew. banana slug ride on saturday reminded me there is work to be done, but lots of rides between now and spring. Tuesdays are a great day for me to ride, but I need to go earlier then the 3pm scheduled departure. If anyone wants to get together tuesday mornings, or earlier afternoon, I am down to ride.

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