Bust out your road bikes

Road season is upon us. First meeting is this Thursday in Founders Hall 179. Be there, I’ll be handing out insurance forms. The faster we get those in, the faster we can ride. There’s also plenty of other stuff to go over before the season gets underway.

Unfortunately, for all you racers it looks like the racing won’t start for us until April. Here’s the tentative WCCC schedule:

UNR April 3-4

Stanford April 10-11

UCD April 17-18

WCCC Champs UCSC April 24-25

Nationals in Madison, Wisconsin TBA

Get ready for April. It’s gonna be crazy.


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4 Responses to Bust out your road bikes

  1. Bike says:

    What time is the meeting?

  2. Gravy says:

    Stoked to get some fitness with the logger crew. banana slug ride on saturday reminded me there is work to be done, but lots of rides between now and spring. Tuesdays are a great day for me to ride, but I need to go earlier then the 3pm scheduled departure. If anyone wants to get together tuesday mornings, or earlier afternoon, I am down to ride.

  3. Gravy says:

    Good ride in the Banana on Saturday Luke.

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