Bidwell Bump Report

As far as adventure goes–and just a crazy weekend altogether–the Bidwell Bump in Chico was tops.

Let me introduce the main suspects: A ragin’ party house and town (yes, I believe Chico does in fact live up to its reputation), an incredibly intoxicated Chico sorority girl, a couple stud HSU cyclists sucking air in the 100 degree heat, a banged and scratched up Andrew still cracking jokes, and a 4 month old purebred german sheppard that is the new team mascot.

Like I said, crazy. Friday night, Mario’s buddy let us crash in his backyard. Little did we know the house was right in the middle of the action, and also looked like it had just detonated. I’m talkin beer bottles and red cups everywhere. So after we cleared an area for the sleeping bags and ate some pb&j’s in his backyard, it was off to bed. But the fun was just beginning.

First it was the punk show going off about a block over, along with five other ragers within a two block radius. Then it was the drunk girl that somehow ended up sitting on Andrew and continually asked us, “what the fuck” were we doing there and “what the fuck” was wrong with us “what the fuck” why don’t you walk me back to my place? Then, Schiff forcefully said LEAVE NOW, and she did. Matt’s intimidating. Then it was the neighbor shining his flashlight in our faces for the next three hours. Why, I have no idea. He would climb this little tree, poke his head over the fence, and shine his light. Then go back into his house. Every hour on the hour.

After a quality night of sleep, the racing began. A four-mile baby head rock climb started the action off for the XC. Mario broke his pedal on the initial climb, and finished the race one-legged. I took a tumble on the first rock-laden descent and promptly flatted once I hit the fire road at the bottom. Weird. Jed won his first race ever, which isn’t a bad way to start your career. And Matt Schiff battled the big boys (Menso de Jong and Eric Lau) and ended up third. Andrew was the casualty of the day, with a nice scraped up everywhere, but the dude stayed in good spirits.

Super-D, everyone seemed to be having fun. I took it off because I didn’t want to destroy my hardtail, but Matt and Winston were in the top 10, while Matt narrowly missed the win (by 7 seconds!). Justin Graves flatted right off the bat and had to hike out a solid five miles. Then somehow Mario managed to get a free puppy from some girl. Just to cap off a crazy weekend.

STXC on Sunday, everyone looked good. Matt rode near the front and once again narrowly lost to Lau for third. I struggled in for probably 7th, with Winston passing me on the last lap for 6th.

A few strong rides in the absolutely frying downhill course near Oroville dam rounded out the weekend. Justin Graves pulled out a second place, which means we will be contending for A’s wins in downhill hopefully all season.

Good start, crew. Keep coming to the rides on Tuesdays and Wednesdays!

Next week, Cal Poly, SLO. Should be fun.


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