First race of the season is this weekend for the green and yellow squad. It’ll be the shortest drive of the season by far (relatively–five hours).

Heat will surely play a factor, as Chico is still cookin’ just as Humboldt is starting to cool off and getting more foggy.
Bidwell Park XC and Super D is on Saturday, and the Downhill is in Oroville, along with the Short Track. We’ve got a shot to win, or at least podium every men A’s event with the addition of Humboldt gravity god Justin Graves, along with some strong B’s and C’s that I guarantee will clean up.

FYI, we’re gonna start doing dinners/spaghetti etc. at the Thursday meetings before races. Bring something to share.

I’m going to hopefully get Vicky Sama, HSU professor and former pro cyclist to come talk to the team soon, so don’t be missing the meetings or you’ll miss out on a cycling legend.

Also, we had a ton of sponsors thanks to Coach Winston Sauber putting in the hours this summer. I’ll post who they are, and a short blurb on each, so you can show your support to their businesses.


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