Post tour: Z-man ripped off, Velonews

While he was wrapping up a second place at the Tour of California, Dave Zabriskie of Garmin-Slipstream had his Salt Lake City pad burglarized. NOT the way you want to celebrate an impressive showing. 

It’s funny how this got less press than Lance getting a single TT bike stolen in Sacramento (which was later returned). For Zabriskie, try 100,000 worth of bikes, an Olympic medal, two of his cars, some unique Marvel comic statue things, and his computers. And the culprits apparently tore up his house pretty good, too.

So my question is this: why the Z-man? I got to see this guy a couple times in the press conferences, and he’s nice, genuine, and downright hilarious. He didn’t deserve that kind of homecoming. 

Props to Velonews really had their act together for this one. I’ve always been a Velonews junkie, but they’ve really stepped it up a notch.

The race updates by the minute are nice, but they had consistent analysis of the bikes, teams, riders (check out Neal Rogers’ article on the Floyd Landis press conference), and some great photography from each stage. 

They also debuted VeloCenter, which is kind of a Sportscenter-esque highlight show. No ESPN anchors here, but it’s entertaining stuff. 



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