Stage 5-Visalia to Paso Robles

By Luke Ramseth

We jumped straight to the finish in Paso Robles, and it looked like the whole town had showed up…

Highlights of the day: The podium girls. Mark Cavendish with back to back wins over Tom Boonen. Boonen and Cav’ in the same press conference was incredible–apparently they don’t mind each other. Nate got a great interview with Ben Jaques-Maynes. Maynes gave him the low down on his brother Andy (bad concussion), teammate Omer Kem (broken pelvis) and his hopes for the rest of the race.

We’re hanging out in Santa Barbara tonight, and will head to Solvang nice and early tomorrow morning for the “race of truth” aka the time trial. There’s a good chance Levi seals the win tomorrow. But my choice is Dave Zabriskie making up some serious ground. He’s sitting in third, but we haven’t heard a peep from him all week. It’s about time Dave busts out.

I’ll try and get an interview or two posted for you.


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